Sunday , October 23 2016

Top Brands of Best Liquid Eyeliner in 2016

best liquid eyeliner

Using cosmetics is the extremely feminine and attractive. It gives the most decent look to your personality. Choosing appropriate components for making over is a bit critical because it needs something that gives you flattering look to your face. There are several ways but the perfect for your look are ...

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4 Ways How to Apply the Pencil Eye Liner

how to apply pencil eyeliner

Do not bother How to apply pencil eyeliner because it is very simple to apply. Eye Liner plays a vital role in making over, it is important to make prominent your eyes and give a beautiful touch to your makeup. It is the true source to provide a dramatic look ...

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How to Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner My Secrets

Main game apply eyeshadow

I know lots of people asked me about how to use eyeshadow as eyeliner. Because everyone wish they had different eyeliner for many occasions. It’s going be too much expensive buy bunch of colored eyeliners. according to me eyeshadow is better than eyeliner. My many friends request me about how to ...

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How to Apply White Eyeliner Secrets

how to use white eyeliner

The eyeliner wardrobe is no more confined to the black color alone and everyone is curious about how to apply white eyeliner. Now the era has started which is posing vibrant colors to appear on the screen. Whether it is the matter of wearing clothes or applying make-up, every color ...

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Apply Mascara to Bottom Lashes to Look More Attractive

how to apply mascara to bottom lashes

When it comes to apply mascara on the lower lashes, many of you don’t know how to apply mascara to bottom lashes.  Because lower lashes are the little ones so apply mascara on them is a little bit tricky. Only makeup artist have the art of applying bottom lash mascara ...

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How to Apply Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

makeup looks for green eyes

Having colored eyes makes you look insanely intelligent and attractive but finding the right makeup looks for green eyes is extremely hard. However, here you will find some of the best makeup colors and makeup tips that will balance your green eyes perfectly. Makeup looks for green eyes Green eyes ...

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